Welcome to the Friends of Beverley Minster  

Contributing to the preservation and enhancement of one of Europe’s great buildings

The Friends of Beverley Minster is a wholly independent charity. Our main purpose is to ensure the building continues to stand as an extraordinary monument to the past and an inspiration to current and future generations.

Our priority is the building. We work with our partner organisation, the Old Fund (also wholly independent) to keep the building in good condition and enhancing it where we can.

In early 2021 we committed major spending to support re-leading the nave roof. This had some 200 leaks, damaging the oak timbers that frame the building. Work was completed at the end of 2021.

That is structural repair. The construction of the shop, in the north transept, is an example of what we have done to enhance arrangements within the building. The design, resulting from an architects’ competition, has stood the test of time – proving functional whilst also allowing the main historical features of the space to remain visible.

We are committed to widening the public’s knowledge of the history of the Minster. In 2020 the Friends funded three books to this end: Beverley Minster: history, architecture and meaning; Stained glass in Beverley Minster, and Sanctuary: Beverley – a town of refuge. With a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund we match funded a Sanctuary Project, which includes an exhibition installed in the north transept.

We also view the Minster’s music as a part of the building’s heritage. We have made many gifts over the years to the music, including the purchase of a Steinway piano and (currently) funding instrument lessons for young people in the choir.

Many demands are made on our funds. We have constantly to balance priorities. We try, where we can, to attract and match external funding (as we have with roof repairs and the sanctuary exhibition). In normal times the building is used for many different purposes, by a wide range of users: worshippers, tourists, local people, concert attendees. This is all part of daily life going on within this remarkable building.

The Friends’ Council spends much time considering how best to use our resources, thinking always of your generosity, whether through subscriptions, donations, or legacies. We are conscious of what we owe to our members and donors and we don’t take decisions lightly.

How we spend our funds

The restoration of the nave roof. Photo: Libby Naylor

In recent years we have used the funds provided by our members in a variety of ways within our broad objectives.

  • We have helped to maintain the fabric and in late 2020/early 2021, major contributions were made to funding the re-leading and restoring the nave roof
  • We have funded the publication of two new books on the Minster, Beverley Minster: history, architecture and meaning and Stained glass in Beverley Minster

  • We have co-funded (with the National Lottery Heritage Fund) a project on sanctuary (including the publication of Sanctuary – Beverley, a town of refuge)

  • We have provided new artwork (as with the pilgrim figures, furnishings and window in the retro-quire).

  • We have opened access (e.g. by funding a wheelchair-friendly route).
  • We have supported the development of an enhanced sound system.
  • We have contributed to the continuing musical tradition by helping with the restoration of the organ, by ‘kick-starting’ the appointment of an assistant organist, by providing scholarships for choristers and by purchasing a Steinway grand piano.
  • We paid for the re-fitting of the Minster shop.
  • We paid the majority of the costs of developing and maintaining the Minster’s website.
  • We have provided furnishings, such as a chest for the storage of altar frontals.
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