Why are we asking for your support?

Our vision is that Beverley Minster might provide opportunities to seek and share sanctuary in the following ways:

  • Sanctuary as a place of safety and welcome for all
  • Sanctuary as a place of renewal and encounter with God
  • Sanctuary as a place of hope and service.

In addition to our regular services we seek to live out our vision in our work with children and families, and in schools; in supporting the bereaved; in welcoming visitors from all over the world; in befriending those who are lonely or isolated; in providing a first rate musical education for choristers regardless of background; in reaching out to the homeless and refugees; in partnering with a number of other charities, both local and international; and in strengthening the ties of community in countless other ways.

Members of the worshipping community are generous in offering their time, talents and money to sustain this vision. Beverley Minster is the largest parish church in England, but receives no direct financial support from the state or central church.

Will you join with us in maintaining an unbroken ministry of Christian presence and service lasting 1300 years?