Sanctuary Project

Beverley Minster – Place of Sanctuary Project


There are two parts to the project:

  • Repairing and restoring the medieval lesser transept roof
  • Telling the story of Beverley Minster as a historic place of sanctuary 

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Updated: 17.02.2020


Information about the building works will be published here.

February 3 – The contractor will be setting up the site, bringing cabins and placing them in the church yard adjacent to the pedestrian crossing.

Week beginning February 17 – Start date for scaffolding to be delivered and built.

These activities will mean that there will be disruption to the traffic heading around the junction at the Sun Inn. To minimise this disruption, contrctors have been asked to start at 5am and complete before 7am.

The contractor has been instructed to take all possible steps to minimise disruption and noise during this and the full contract.