The story of Beverley’s history as a place of sanctuary for over 1,000 years is to be told afresh for everyone. Using  the latest methods of storytelling, through traditional and digital display elements, we hope that the story will appeal to a wide  audience and attract new visitors to the Minster.


Our sanctuary project ended in November 2022 but we continue to tell the story of Beverley Minster, place of sanctuary. We worked with the National Lottery Heritage Fund to broaden the scope of  learning and volunteering opportunities in order to attract a more diverse audience. 

  • We  appointed two Learning & Engagement Officers,  to develop and deliver a range of activities designed to engage a wide and diverse audience.
  • We  installed an exhibition/display (with digital aspects) focusing on the historic story of sanctuary in Beverley and the Minster led by Dr Louise Hampson from the Centre for the study of Christianity and Culture (York).
  • We continue to  recruit and train additional volunteers to be welcomers and/or tour guides in order to increase the number of Minster tours.
  • We installed interpretation boards within the roof area providing information about the roof construction and ongoing restoration.
  • We created a heritage craft display.
  • We  developed an outdoor sanctuary in the churchyard as a peaceful space for reflection.
  • We delivered a programme of cultural and heritage events (including talks, concerts and art exhibitions).
  • We continue to develop this website as an attractive source for information and resources
  • We updated and published a new edition of our Sanctuary Book.
  • We continue to build upon the Minster’s existing relationship with charities involved in working with people seeking sanctuary so as to engage them with the project’s activities, learning and volunteering opportunities.

‘Telling the story’ is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Friends of Beverley Minster.

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