John Law’s Renaissance

2022 Tour


14/01/2022 Renaissance Tour Lady Chapel, Gloucester Cathedral

15/01/2022 Renaissance Tour St. Mary’s Aisle, Truro Cathedral

21/01/2022 Renaissance Tour Chapter House, Durham Cathedral

22/01/2022 Renaissance Tour Beverley Minster at 19.30

28/01/2022 Renaissance Tour Christchurch Priory

27/10/2021 Renaissance Tour Malmesbury Abbey

Saturday 22 January at 19.30

Doors open at 19.00

John Law – “one of Europes most adventurous pianists” – presents his stunning new music and visuals project:


Mixing samples of renaissance vocal music, taken from the Golden Age of European polyphony, with elements from minimalism, jazz and ambient chill and with mesmerisingly beautiful visuals as a backdrop, the resulting experience is one of beauty, meditation and mindfulness. Alongside Johns keyboards, the music features interweaving lines from jazz saxophonist Jon Lloyd and the visuals are created by touring artist from the super group Tangerine Dream: Patrick Dunn.

Tickets £20.25only available through this website
Booking fee included