prayer candles

Services of Morning and Evening Prayer take place on most weekdays throughout the year.

The Minster has its own Prayer Ministry Team and you can request a prayer through this website.

Prayers for the day from the Church of England site are available here.


Eternal God,
whose light and love burn fiercely
at the heart of all things
and draw us onward to our home in you,
thank-you for every blessing you have brought to me
and every danger you have kept away from me
as I have travelled through this world
in Jesus Christ’s name.

For the Peace of the World

Have compassion, heavenly Father
upon this broken and divided world.
Heal its angry wounds;
reconcile its enemies;
lead it into peace;
for Jesus’ Christ’s sake.

For people in need

Shine your light, O Lord
upon those whose journey has brought them
to a place of sorrow, anxiety, or pain
May your healing love surround their steps
And may the eyes of their hearts be drawn to the brightness of your glory,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For forgiveness

Heavenly Father,
I have turned aside from your love
And strayed from your path.
Please forgive all my wrong thoughts, words, and deeds,
And by your Spirit lead me back
into the way of Christ. Amen.

An ending to prayer

give me a vision of your glory;
lead me on my journey;
and guard the flickering flame
of my love for you. Amen.