Management of church buildings

Starting out can be the most daunting part of any project.

That’s the warning from ChurchCare, the Church of England’s national building resource.

They recommend three steps to reduce a church’s carbon footprint.

1 Be informed on climate change facts and links with Christianity – as well as looking at others churches’ projects. Communicate the information to your congregation and/or community.

2 Gather together a working group to take the lead on these critical issues. Include those interested and those with church building responsibilities. Focus discussions on actions inside and outside the church building.

3 Start reducing your carbon footprint. It is important to first monitor your energy use to understand your starting point – and then create your church’s energy policy.

At Beverley Minster we have begun our work and will be reporting on progress soon.

As well as the church itself we are also responsible for our Parish Centre and the Parish Hall, Emmaus Room and Peter Harrison Room.