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Terms and conditions 

If you do not have a your own Safeguarding Policy you must agree to adopt Beverley Minster’s Safeguarding Policies.


The Parochial Church Council of Beverley Minster Parish Church has a Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults. A copy is attached. Your booking agreement is conditional upon you complying with it unless you already have an equivalent policy of your own.

You are required to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected at all times, by taking all reasonable steps to prevent injury, illness, loss or damage occurring; and that you carry full liability insurance for this.

In particular this means that:

  • you will comply with the attached good practice guide with children and young people or vulnerable adults unless you already have an equivalent;
  • you will provide the church with a copy of your organisation’s Safeguarding Policy/ies or if you do not have one adopt the current parish policy;
  • you will recruit safely all current paid and voluntary workers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults, by obtaining satisfactory disclosures from the Disclosure and Barring Service where eligible, and keeping records of dates and disclosure numbers indefinitely;
  • you will keep a list of the names of all paid and voluntary workers with regular and direct contact with children/vulnerable adults , and update it annually;
  • you will always have at least two leaders over the age of 18 years in any group of children and young people, no matter how small the group;
  • no person under the age of 18 years will be left in charge of any children or young people of any age;
  • no child or group of children or young people should be left unattended at any time;
  • a register of children, young people or vulnerable adults attending the activity will be kept securely. This will include details of their name, contact details of parent/guardian/carer etc., date of birth and next of kin;
  • you will immediately (within 24 hours) inform the Parish Safeguarding Officer of:
  • (a) the occurrence of any incidents or allegations of abuse or causes of concern relating to members or leaders of your organisation, and contact details for the person in your organisation who is dealing with it
  • (b) any known offenders against children or vulnerable adults seeking to join your membership, and manage such allegations or agreements with offenders in co-operation with statutory agencies, and with the church.

The Parish Safeguarding Officer for Beverley Minster Church is Ian Merryweather

E-mail: Tel. No: 01482 867958

A booking is not complete until we have sent a confirmation email to you.