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Talk 10.30-10.55

‘Do all new eco-friendly houses have to look like barns?

Dr Graham Parr.

Learn about recent experiences when building a new traditional house which aims to be as efficient as possible.  Materials used, design approach and local materials will all be described using lots of photos and real life data.  Hear direct from the owner!

A retired Assistant Vice-President of Pharmaceutical Sciences who, with his wife, bought the land, worked with an architect on design and planning, and then engaged a local builder to create a very efficient but traditional home in a nearby village.

Talk 11.00-11.25

Sharing our sustainable Journey – How we have transformed our 60 year old family sign making business to be one of the leaders in sustainable signage

 Lawrence Green,  Greens the Signmakers

  Inspired by my daughter’s poem, we will share with you the steps we have taken to make genuine environmental improvements across the whole of our business. From how we are powered, travel, stock and manufacture, all reducing our carbon emissions.

 Biography – Lawrence Green is the Managing Director of their family business, Greens the Signmakers, and has made substantial environmental improvements to the business leading them to win sustainability awards both locally and nationally.

Talk 11.30-11.55

The Benefits of Renewable Energy (Embracing new technology in your home)

Speaker: Chris Whitelock, Founding Director Pure Renewables

Taking the Hot Air out of Heat Pumps – come along to hear about the benefits of renewable technologies and how they can best integrate into your homes and businesses

Chris is the Founding Director of Pure renewables  Est 2007

Talk 12.00 – 12.30

Green Trains – A review of current Eco trains – battery and hydrogen
Speaker: Chris Marshman
This presentation is aimed at increasing awareness of Eco Issues

Talk 12.30-12.55

The Community Energy Revolution Campaign

 Rupert Meadows, Power for People

 Power for People campaigns to help the UK accelerate its transition to renewable energy and to ensure that this transition benefits local people. Their current campaign to enable growth in community-led renewable energy projects has led to recent government action.

Talk 13.00-13.25

The Church and the Climate Crisis – How can we be part of the solution?

Speaker: Revd Johannes Nobel (Green Ambassador for the Diocese of York)

The churches and schools of the Diocese of York are responsible for emitting 10,000 tonnes of CO2e annually. What would it take to reduce these emissions by the same amount, or more? Let’s consider the role of faith and influence.

Bio: The Revd Johannes (Jan) Nobel is a keen naturalist, theologian, environment officer for the Diocese of York, and parish priest of two Bronze-awarded Eco Churches in York

Talk 13.30-13.55

Journeying into Active Hope during the climate crisis.

Catherine Fish, from Green Christian.

 Human-caused climate change, ecological degradation, biodiversity loss, and related threats to human life inevitably elicit a complicated emotional response. How do we acknowledge, and process our feelings, and become able to journey into active hope?

 Bio; Catherine Fish is a volunteer with Green Christian, and is an Occupational Therapist, and Cruse Bereavement supporter.

Talk  14.00-14.25

 What3Words : Where are we with Climate Change?

 Rev Dr Dave Gregory

Organisation : BUEN – Baptist Union Environment Network

Words matter. They are our direction in life. Come and explore words expressing wonder at the world around us. Our scientific insights into our planet’s climate. And words of fear and hope for the future of our world as climate changes.

Bio: Rev Dr Dave Gregory is a Baptist Missioner specialising in science and the environment.

Talk 14.30-14.55

Catch the wave! Go healthy in the era of climate change

Pedro Beltran-Alvarez, Hull York Medical School, University of Hull

The wave of climate change is coming at you, and it’s a big one. What are you and your family going to do? Can you make the wave smaller? Can you catch it and enjoy the ride?

Bio: Pedro is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Climate Change and director of the MSc Health and Climate Change at the Hull York Medical School.

Talk 15.00-15.25

Taking Action for Wildlife with #TeamWilder

 Jo Rawson, Community Engagement Manager, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

  Discover how Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are empowering people to make a real and lasting difference for nature in their neighbourhoods, explore how communities across East Yorkshire are taking action for wildlife and find out how #TeamWilder can help you.

Talk 15.30-15.55

What is Permaculture ?

Speaker: Lausanne Tranter, Constable Community Allotment and LAND(learning and network Demonstration) learner site.

Come and find out about permaculture- an innovative framework for a sustainable way of living. Learn about the ethics and principles of permaculture. It’s not all about gardening !

Bio: Lausanne Tranter is the manager of Constable Community Allotment in Hull, the coordinator of transition and permaculture in Hull and a member of  The Permaculture Association.


This is a fair organised by Beverley Minster Ecochurch Group, who are all volunteers, with support from Churches Together in Beverley and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.