Youth and Children

Welcome to the youth and children’s work pages of our website! Here is an overview of some of the work we do. Please click at the bottom of the page for links to sections with more detail.

As a Minster, we are committed to supporting children, young people and families through everything that life throws at them as they grow up. We do this by running regular groups throughout the week for babies, toddlers, primary school aged children and a youth group for young people at the three secondary schools in our town.

There are three primary schools associated with the Minster and two of our associated churches with which we work closely for collective worship, lunchtime groups, festival services and pastoral support as required.

For younger children and families, we run regular groups in the week and at weekends, and a couple of times a term, larger Family Day events in the Minster.

Messy Church is run once a fortnight during term time for primary school aged children and their families as an opportunity to learn more about stories from the Bible together.

It’s an honour to be alongside and see our young people grow through their teenage years into young adults. There is a social youth group weekly that our young people attend, as well as supporting young people learn about their faith and make public declarations through Baptism and Confirmation. As being a teenager in a rapidly changing world can be disorientating and confusing, an important part of our ministry towards them is through one-to-one mentoring.

Our prayer is that every child and young person we meet with will learn about God, meet Jesus, and find that they have an important and valued part of the community of the Minster.

For more detailed information, please use one of the links below, or drop me a line at the contact page.

I look forward to seeing you!

Ben, Youth & Children’s Minister