This is our Vision


Beverley Minster – Servants of the Gospel 

As a family of associated churches and congregations our core purpose is to be

A People of Worship – Rejoicing in God

A Light to the World – Reflecting Christ

A Community of Love – Revealing the Spirit

To do this we are committed to growing in


Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus (Phil 2. 5)

by radiating God’s love in all aspects of our life, deepening our worship, prayer and study, praying for the world and the church, and encouraging each other to grow in faith.


Present your bodies as a living sacrifice (Rom 12. 1)

by demonstrating the values of the Kingdom of God, looking for and revealing Christ in serving our neighbour, and caring for each other as we care for all.


We who are many are one body in Christ (Rom 12. 5)

by working for the common good, building strong relationships with fellow Christians, working with organisations which will serve and transform our community, and playing a full part in the life of the local, national and global Church.


Let your light shine before others (Matt 5. 16)

by seeing all of life as an opportunity for service and ministry, being a positive Christian presence in our community and wider society, and helping individuals to be salt and light in their places of work, service and leisure.


Go and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28. 19)

by living and spreading the gospel locally and globally, making and growing disciples, welcoming and inspiring residents, visitors and pilgrims, and telling the Good News through our people, history and buildings.