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Floodlighting the Minster

For just £15.00 per night members of the public and local businesses are invited to sponsor a night on an annual basis or for one year only.

Sponsorship of lighting the Minster has proved very popular with both local people and those who have a connection with Beverley.  As the years have gone by the Minster Lighting Fund has worked hard to improve the exterior lighting and the Minster is now fully lit all the way round the building.

The project began in 1991 when members of Beverley and District Civic Society recognised Beverley Minster as one of the town’s much loved and favoured landmarks.  Traditionally the imposing west towers were only lit up during the Christmas period, and so with the blessing of the vicar, the Rt Revd Peter Forster, the Civic Society’s secretary, Mr Neil King, took the initiative to set up the Minster Lighting Fund to gain sponsorship to have the towers of the Minster lit all year round.

The sight of Beverley Minster fully lit is enjoyed from all vantage points, whether it is from close up in Beverley itself or from further afield.  The impressive medieval gothic architecture is now a welcoming sight on the approach to the market town from either the flats of Holderness or driving down from the Wolds across the Westwood into Beverley.

The scheme is still as popular today as work continues to take place to improve the lighting of the Minster, and consideration is now being given to how the interior can be improved to enhance the details of the architecture for the benefit of the many visitors and the local community.

Contact (01964) 541824 or click here.


The following dates are still available (last updated 18 August 2015):

3 Jan, 29 Jan,12 Feb, 23 Mar, 29 Apr, 8 Jun, 27 Jun, 28 Jun, 16 Jul, 26 Sep, 28 Sep, 6 Oct, 31 Oct, 1 Nov, 2 Nov, 17 Nov, 18 Nov, 30 Nov.



1st    Mrs E Hoyes
2nd    Micheal Evans
4th    R Coates
5th    Pauline Webster
6th    Mrs A Withers
7th    Ratneval
8th    Mrs A Reynolds
9th    Bone & Godwin Family
10th    Mrs E Sach
11th    Miss J Atkinson
12th    Mrs A Greenwoods
13th    Friends of the Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
14th    Mrs A C McAllister
15th    Mrs M Picker
16th    Mrs J M Fraser
17th    Nelson Webster Partnership
18th    Mr J Wragg
19th    D Reid
20th    Miss S Wight
21st    M Moody
22nd    Mrs B Moses
23rd    Mr R G Usher
24th    Mr D Jack
25th    H English
26th    Mr P Wilkinson
27th    Mr J Dunning
28th    Mrs S J Hill
29th    A P & P K Wright
30th    M Nettleton & L Kitchen
31st    Mr R Elvidge


1st    Mrs P Porter
2nd   Jonathan and Fiona Duckles
3rd    Mrs D Sharples
4th    Mr J Catchpole
5th    J Bedford
6th    C & J Barchard
7th    W & J Ross
9th    Mrs V Marginson
10th    Mr & Mrs P Lee
11th    H & A Atkinson
12th    Miss E.D. Millest
13th    Mrs S Watson
14th    Mrs D Bates
15th    Mrs Brown
16th    Mrs J Turner
17th    J & R Holgate
18th    Mr and Mrs Grant
19th    FREE NIGHT
20th    Mrs Chetwynd
21st    Mr M Whitehead
22nd    B & M Postance
23rd    Anonymous
24th    Mrs B Parrott
25th    Mrs B Iddon
26th    D & V Scrimger
27th    FREE NIGHT
28th    FREE NIGHT
29th    The Pinford Family
30th    A & M Rhodes


1st    Mr & Mrs G E Swine
2nd    B English
3rd    Anonymous
4th    Mr G Perrett
5th    Mrs I Goodyear
6th    The Evans Family
7th    Mrs P B Crawforth
8th    Mrs S Goodrick
9th    Tim Davison
10th    Mrs P Hill
11th    The Weston Family
12th    Miss P Deans
13th    A.A. & M Kelham
14th    Mrs V Marley & Mrs R Honey
15th    T.M. Carter
17th    Mrs J Jones
18th    Mrs L Downing
19th    J.S. Preston-Anderson
20th    Mrs J Parker
21st    A & J Hakeney
22nd    A & E Cant
23rd    L & M Tomlinson
24th    B Parrott
25th    Mr & Mrs B Blizzard
26th    FREE NIGHT
27th    FREE NIGHT
28th    J & R Major
29th    Mrs S Robinson
30th    James Reckitt Charity
31st    J M Evans


1st    K Bremner
2nd    Miss J Fawcett
3rd    Mr D Bates
4th    Mrs K. Hibbert
5th    Mrs M Rushworth
6th    Mr D E Gibbins
7th    Miss E D Millest
8th    Mrs Tear
9th    Mr A Milsome
10th    Hodgson Sealants Ltd
11th    Hodgson Sealants Ltd
13th    The Fairbairn Family
14th    Mrs c Leary
15th    Mrs J Pillmoor
16th    M Gill
17th    Anonymous
18th    Miss V Showan
19th    Mrs P Porter
20th    Mr & Mrs E Lovett
21st    Miss J Kemp
22nd    Richard III Society
23rd    Mr P Lee
24th    Mrs V Parton
25th    Hodgson Sealants Ltd
26th    Hodgson Sealants Ltd
27th    Hodgson Sealants Ltd
28th    Hodgson Sealants Ltd
29th    Hodgson Sealants Ltd
30th    Mr R D Crooks
31st     Mr Coates


1st    Mrs B Parrott
2nd   John Phillips
3rd    Mrs J Davison
4th    Angela Harrold
5th    Mrs A Chapman
6th    Mr F Hutchinson
7th    S Knapp
8th    Mr R Yates
9th    Mrs S Farr
10th    Mrs J Griffin
11th    Mr M A Powell
12th    Mrs C Kirk
13th    Prince of Wales Regimental Association
14th    Mrs E A Durden
15th    P Sharp
16th    Mr D Horsley
17th    Mrs M Gow
18th    Dr Alan Coats
19th    J.A. & N Gillyon
20th    Arthur & Kathleen Johnson
21st    F Watson
22nd    Mrs V Sutton
23rd    Mr Smart
24th    Mrs M Hutchinson
25th    Mrs A Burrows
26th    FREE NIGHT
27th    C & D Jopling
29th    D.B Hailstone
30th    Sarah Sheen


1st    Fairhurst                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2nd   FREE NIGHT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3rd   Attwood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           4th    Woodward H                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 5th     Mrs Carol McKie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       6th   FREE NIGHT                                                                                                                                                                                                      7th    Mr J.Wragg                                                                                                                                                                                                           8th    P Quimby                                                                                                                                                                                                             9th    Mr & Mrs A.M.Uscroft
10th    K & A Sugden
11th    Beverley Male Voice Choir
12th    Beverley Male Voice Choir
13th    Paul & Louise Gowland
14th    Mrs Fay Wildey
15th    Mr Burrows
16th    Roland, Jane & Sarah Peck
17th    Betty & Rodney Mackey
18th    Mrs Bates
19th    R & LM Uzzell
20th    Y.Berry
21st    Mrs Patricia S.Robson
22nd    Mr & Mrs S.P.Dannatt
23rd    Mrs W Powell
24th    Maureen Ellerby
25th    Mrs B.A.Lavine
26th    Sue Griffith
27th    Margaret E.Kirkwood
28th    Barbara English
29th    Mrs J Salt
30th    Judge & Mrs Walker


1st     Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
3rd    Beverley Decorative and Fine Arts Society (NADFAS)
4th    Mr J Dunning
5th    Mrs M.Flynn
6th    Mrs A.Rutherford
7th    Mrs Bernadette Robb
8th    Mr Brian D.Burnett
9th    Mrs F.Hall
11th    Mrs Margaret Jenkins
12th    Miss Anouska Sissons
13th    Morrision Supermarket
14th    Mr Sugden
15th    Miss J Atkinson
16th    I.R & H.S Usher
17th    FREE NIGHT
18th    Mr R Marshall
19th    Mrs Yvonne Taylor
20th    R Thompson
21st    M. Saxby
22nd    Mr & Mrs L.V.Barratt
23rd    B.D & G.K Reader
24th    Mr & Mrs Parkin
25th    Brenda & Ian Stansfield
26th    Sandy & Chris Try
27th    J & A Branton
28th    John & Lesley Taylor
29th    The Pearcy Family
30th    tbc


1st     Anne Wilkinson
2nd    C & S Tatman
3rd    Mr & Mrs T Martin
4th    Mr C S Blackburn
5th    Mrs A Burrows
6th    Mrs S King
7th    Mr W Benson
8th    W A Morris
9th    Mr B Trew
10th    P & L McNally
11th    D Marriweather
12th    FREE NIGHT
13th    Mr T Walker
15th    Mrs M N Fenn
16th    Mr & Mrs P.K. Ruston
17th    J & V Cerutti
18th    Mr & Mrs J Toes
19th    Mrs J Martin
20th    FREE NIGHT
21st    Beverley Decorative & Fine Arts Society
22nd   ChemDry Universal
23rd    A & J Hakeney
24th    Mr & Mrs F Kinley
25th    Mrs P Hopkins
26th    W B A Los
27th    Mr H P Flynn
28th    Mr & Mrs J A Wollaston
29th    Mr & Mr A M Mulford
30th    Mr & Mrs D Glenton
31st    Mr & Mrs P R Northen


1st    J & J Barnary
2nd    Mr & Mrs N King
4th    The Mayne Family
5th    Mr M A Powell
6th    Beverley Fifity Plus Club
7th    Mr & Mrs T Strugnell
8th    Mr & Mrs R Osgerby
9th    D Atkinson
10th    Mr & Mrs W Pearson
11th    The Burgess Family
12th    Mr & Mrs D Peckett
13th    Mr J Chilver
14th    Mervyn King
15th    Mrs M Borland
16th    Mrs J Parker
17th    Mrs G M Willmott
18th    Mr & Mrs J Wilton-Ely
19th    K & A Sugden
20th    R Harris
21st    C & E Morrill
22nd    B Newton
23rd    J Foster
24th    Mr R Cook
25th    P Bonser
26th    Mr & Mrs A F Terry
27th    Mrs J Hicks
28th    Mrs J Cowie
29th    FREE NIGHT
30th    FREE NIGHT
31st    P Rain


1st    T.H.F Farrell
2nd    D MacLachlan
3rd    P.J Martin
4th    Mrs E Cottrell
5th    Alan & Anne Richardson
6th    Archbishop Thurstan School
8th    Mrs a Davis
9th    RA & AH Lidwell
10th    Mr D.A. Burrows
11th    Mrs M Charlton
12th    FREE NIGHT
14th    Mr & Mrs K Weetman
15th    Mrs B Powell
16th    P & K Horrocks
17th    Mrs J Crossley
18th    Mr M White
19th    J & A Branton
21st    Mrs E Grant
22nd    Beverley Town Handbell Ringers
23rd    Mrs L Hobson
24th    Beverley & District Lions Club
25th    Mr A Sutton
26th    Mrs M Wilson
27th    Mrs E.M Stout
28th    Mrs K Smart
29th    Dr M Imrie


1st    L Jones
2nd    R Grange
3rd    Mrs S Foley
4th    Mrs J Hickling
5th    N MacLachlan
6th    Mark Wardropper
7th    S & H Mcloughlin
8th    Anonymous
9th    Mrs J M Harris
10th    Mr P J Atkinson
11th    Mrs M D Crooks
12th    R & B Wilson
13th    Mrs P Barrell
14th    D Neave
15th    J & A Branton
16th    Mrs L Smith
17th    Mrs P B Crawforth
18th    E Dunning
19th    J Smith
21st    J M Evans
22nd    M & T Witty
23rd    FREE NIGHT
24th    Mrs S J Hill
25th    Mrs S Price
26th    Mrs C Fancey
27th    Mrs B D Warnsby
28th    E A Hemingway
29th    Dr M Imrie
30th    B Jackson
31st    S English


1st    Mrs Cooper
2nd    Mrs A Roper
3rd    Mrs B Dickinson
4th    P & K Horrocks
5th    P Sharp
6th    Miss K Holgate
7th    Mrs R Willoughby
8th    Dr C Rhodes
9th    The Best Family
10th    Mrs V Warner
11th    Mrs J Kirby
12th    M.V Harrison
13th    Mr & Mrs J Carling
14th    Mr D Jack
15th    Mr S Tait
16th    Mrs J Chetwynd
17th    H & N Uebel
18th    J & M Ashurst
19th    Yorkshire Country Womens’ Association
20th    J & M Westoby
21st    Yorkshire Electricity
22nd    Yorkshire Electricity
23rd    Yorkshire Electricity
24th    Yorkshire Electricity
25th    Yorkshire Electricity
26th    Yorkshire Electricity
27th    Mrs M Cruikshank
28th    Miss B Webb
29th    FREE NIGHT
30th    I.R & H.S Usher