Prayer Ministry

prayer hands

In the Minster congregation there is a group of people who are available to pray for others.  They have received training in prayer ministry (not counselling), and meet regularly to pray for each other and the needs of others. They are available to pray with you at most services, and especially the Holy Communion with prayer for healing. They also operate a prayer chain, so that urgent needs can be communicated to the rest of the group from any one person.

A prayer box is available for prayer requests, and a book of intercessions in the St. Katherine’s chapel which is regularly used at Evening Prayer. To request a prayer on line click here.

Praying for one another is a very practical expression of community. It often happens in house groups. However, many times people suffer in silence and carry huge burdens which they could easily share with others. May we encourage you to ask for prayer if this is the case? The prayer ministry team will be especially pleased to support you. Contact them here.