Baptism (sometimes called a Christening) marks the beginning of a person’s life as a member of the church – God’s people.

Baptism services for babies and young children are normally held at 3.00pm on the third Sunday of the month at the Minster, with a maximum of three families involved. We also hold baptism services at the associated churches, and arrange these dates individually.

Baptisms take place after a preparation meeting and a home visit by a member of the clergy and a Baptism Team member. Those enquiring about baptism should initially contact the Parish Centre. You will be put in contact with a member of the clergy who will discuss the options with you.

Please contact us if you are interested in having a baptism in the Minster or in one of our associated churches. If you live outside our parish there may be some formalities which we’ll explain – they are not complicated.

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View our register of baptisms at the Minster here.


Another important step in the journey of being a member of the church is confirmation. This is a chance to confirm the vows made for you by parents and godparents at a child’s Baptism service. We usually have a service once a year, and preparation meetings are held in the run up to it. For more information, contact us.