Christmas Yarn Bombing


“Fabulous! What a cheerful site. Well done to everyone who took part and cheered us up.”

“Looks amazing! Well done everyone.”


These are just a few of the many comments we received. Because everyone has loved the yarn bombing and because people need something to do during lockdown, we have been asked to carry on yarn bombing, but this time on an Advent and Christmas theme. After November 11 we will be removing the poppies and gradually our festive yarn bombing will be added to the railings and trees.

So, if you missed out the first time and want to get involved, then please join us. All welcome from beginners to the highly skilled. Just starting out with yarn, then why not make simple pom poms for the pompom tree? Help make the Churchyard a blaze of colour on for the cold dark days.

You can collect free festive wool, knitting needles and crochet hooks from the Virger at the Minster on the days we are open for private prayer:

11.00 -13.00 on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

When you have created something either leave it with the Virger or add it to the railings yourself.

If you have any questions then contact

Why is Beverley Minster Yarn Bombing?

We are doing this as part of the Sanctuary Project. In the medieval period justice was particularly hard and certain religious houses, such as Beverley, were given the right of Sanctuary. This provided an alternative route through which the King could offer mercy.

People travelled across England to claim sanctuary for crimes ranging from theft, debt through to murder. These Sanctuary men could stay for 30 days and helped around the church in exchange for food and lodging. The clergy heard their confession and mediated on their behalf. Most left England and were banished abroad for the rest of their lives. A few, often debtors, stayed in Beverley.

The walls of Beverley Minster are full of graffiti left by medieval pilgrims and probably the Sanctuary men visiting the Minster. They were left as a form of worship to Saint John. We are celebrating this with yarn bombing, considered to be a form of modern-day urban graffiti.

Festive stars

Christmas sheep


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