Thought for the day – Wednesday


John 15:1-8


Hampton Court vine is the oldest and the largest in the world. Planted in 1768, it is four metres around its base and 120 feet long. Most important of all, it gives in an average year 600 pounds of Black Hamburg grapes. If it didn’t produce grapes it would have long gone. The vine can only provide its prodigious yield because it is well fed – in the past whole carcasses have been buried in the ground outside the greenhouse in which the vine grows – and it is vigorously pruned.

In today’s reading Jesus says: ‘I am the vine, you are the branches.’ Elsewhere the New Testament speaks of many fruits of the Holy Spirit (cf Galatians 5.22-3), but here there is only one fruit that matters – love, generous, self-giving love.

We can only bear this fruit if we are part of the vine which is Christ, so that his life can flow into us and nourish us and our life flow into his and into the other branches as we have fellowship one with another. And we can only bear this fruit if we allow the dead wood and diseased leaves to be cut away as we forgive our sins and receive God’s forgiveness.


Lord Jesus, thank you for grafting me into you and for feeding me with your love and mercy. May I, with all your Church, grow strong in you, that together we may bear much fruit. Amen