The Democratic Republic of Congo, with its vast mineral resources, lies at the heart of Africa. It has had a tragic and troubled history but since independence in 1960 its people have been working courageously   to ensure that their nation achieves its full potential.

OUR CONTACT is Dr Bruno Miteyo who has travelled the world to promote the development of his country. He is a director of the hospital.

THE HOSPITAL is at the small rural location of MULUMBA in the Lumami Province of Ngandajika Territory.It is the only hospital in the area and faces the challenge of meeting the health needs of 340,00 people. It has 120 beds in its 11 blocks and employs 36 full-time and part-time staff.

SERVICES PROVIDED : paediatrics, surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, medical imaging, laboratory, social services, A&E and intensive care, pharmaceutical department and mortuary.


Limited supply of clean water and essential medicines. Poor access to maternity services in hospital due to the poverty of the population (£ 0.625 income per day ) Increased number of home births resulting in increased maternal and foetal mortality. The population is traditional and obeys the habits and customs of their ancestors. Their main occupation is subsistence-agriculture.


To improve the supply of clean water to patients, and to the surrounding population (approx.52,000 people.)

To provide obstetric care in order to avoid risky home-births and neo-natal mortality.

To provide affordable health care for vulnerable people and essential medicines for common diseases.

DONATIONS FROM OUR PARISH have so far been used to help fund , for example :

Fuel and maintenance for the water pump and ambulance. Sterilisation materials. Radiology. Equipment for and conduct of Caesarean sections, Treatment of paediatric anaemia and goitre. Transport of patients by ambulance.