Puppet Project


Beverley Minster and Beverley Puppet Festival
have joined forces to offer an exciting new online project
for local schools and care homes

+ Did you know about Beverley’s rich historic past as a medieval town of sanctuary for fugitives?

+ Have you ever fancied learning how to make simple shadow puppets to tell stories, either in the classroom or to each other in your home?

+ Would you like to help forge intergenerational friendships to brighten up any further days of lockdown, whilst also supporting many national curriculum targets?

+ Now is your chance to explore .… free of charge and with resources provided …. all done remotely and safely ….


Use Sanctuary films and school resources to share, telling stories of  Saint John of Beverley and past fugitives to Beverley.


Receive a sanitisable mini shadow theatre kit with pre-made puppets (first come, first served) – and/or learn to make other simple puppets – free mentoring / tuition available with Indigo Moon Theatre Company.


Small groups of children (or individuals) will create a short video clip, recorded on a smart phone, to share with partnered care home residents, via Beverley Puppet Festival’s website.


Remote conversations, either via Zoom/Skype or phone recorded video clips will take place between allocated children and care home residents – co-ordinated by Indigo Moon Theatre and Beverley Puppet Festival.


Care home residents will be invited to provide feedback and share memories… and make their own puppets too if they would like, or give ideas to the children for their shows, or vice versa. Children can also suggest ideas for the residents to develop.


The final video clips recorded on smart phones and (however simple) can be shared at the exhibition “Sanctuary in Creativity” at Beverley Minster June – July 2021. Stories may also inspire an artist commission of a puppet film which is being created to celebrate Beverley.

This activity is an interim year event for the biennial Beverley Puppet Festival, supported by Beverley Minster’s Sanctuary Project, as we all find modern day sanctuary through creativity during these difficult times.