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Beverley Repair Café: Repair Session from 10.00 -12.00

Bernie Phillips: Beverley Repair Café

Email beverleyrepaircafe@gmail.com

Also on Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter)

Beverley Repair Café is a community group run by volunteers who offer their skills and

expertise to fix broken but loved/useful items, to reduce the amount going to landfill.

We mend electrical, mechanical and wooden items as well as clothing/fabrics.

Recycle a cycle

Mike’s Bikes (just a hobby) – Michael Blake

See how bicycles are renovated and either given to charities or needy homes

or sold and the proceeds go to Hull for Heroes or St Albans Church Hull

for the needy and to replenish parts.

Seed Ball Making

Jo Rawson, Community Engagement Manager, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Sowing wildflower seeds in your garden, yard or window box is a perfect way to help

pollinators. Make some seed balls with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to take home and

bounce some colour into your outdoor space.

Apple Bird Feeder Fun: Create a Treat for Feathered Friends!

RSPB – officer

Discover the fun of making a bird-friendly apple feeder! Perfect for kids, it’s a creative

and engaging activity to attract birds to your garden.

Join Dr Dave and friends for simple and fun environmentally themed science

experiments that explore the wonder of the world and the ‘wonder of the world

maker’ including phone microscopes, rainbow makers and crazy pendulums!

Revd Dr Dave Gregory

Organisation: BUEN – Baptist Union Environment Network

Eco bird feeders

Cathy and Anna from ACT Heritage Engagement

Come along and make your own bird feeder using recycled materials. Take it home

and watch the birds come to feed in your garden!

CO2 and the Environment

Engage in dry ice experiments and grasp the significance of CO2 emission reduction

for Earth’s protection. Our educational activities aim to enlighten children about

carbon dioxide, its role in climate change, and the renewable energy sector’s efforts

to combat this problem.

Name of Organisation: RWE & Lab Rascals

Our local natural environment – what do you love about it?

An art workshop for all ages – 11.00 – 12.20
Delivered by  Fiona Caley a local artist in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS) Ltd

We welcome you to take part in a creative art activity expressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions about our local environment. Fun for all ages, this workshop will be led by Fiona Caley specialising in the natural world.


From an early age Fiona had a connection to the land, growing up on a coastal farm on the edge of Holderness. Her deep sense of connection to the landscape was developed through her years of working the land alongside her family. Moving on from there she travelled, lived and worked in various parts of the world before returning to her roots, established in the flat lands and big skies of East Yorkshire. Her work as artist and photographer is inspired by the beauty of these wide-open land and seascapes.

James Taylor, Sustainable Development Team, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
“I am very excited to help run this artistic workshop event celebrating the beautiful and unique natural environment we have in East Yorkshire.”

Seedheart – a small puppet show about big things for all ages. Duration 40 minutes

Presented by Indigo Moon Theatre and performed by Anna Ingleby.

The important tale of what happened to the Earth when humans came along and how

we can restore our green planet. Watch as our story unfolds (literally) from a single

suitcase and follow Grey’s journey to a better future with magical pop-ups, puppetry

and shadows.

Indigo Moon Theatre was created in 1999 by founder Anna Ingleby to showcase the

magical world of shadow and puppet theatre

This is a fair organised by Beverley Minster Ecochurch Group, who are all volunteers, with support from Churches Together in Beverley and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.