“Go, and make disciples of all nations”

Matthew 28:19

The Mission of Beverley Minster – read our vision statement here

The Mission Action Group co-ordinates our mission in the parish, and our financial support for mission across the region and the world.  We keep up-to-date with the work of the organisations listed here through the weekly notice sheet.

Church Mission Society
The Church Mission Society (CMS) focuses evangelistic mission and works in 60 countries around the world. Beverley Minster has strong links with CMS through:

  • St Peter’s Cathedral in Kabale, South West Uganda, including the REACH programme which supports children sand child-led households.  Further information about the Link with St Peter’s Cathedral, Kabale, and its activities can be obtained from the Link coordinator, Mrs Annegret Aveyard a_aveyard@hotmail.com.
  • and Bishop Nick Drayson (formerly of the Minster)  in Northern Argentina. www.cms-uk.org

Bible Society
Beverley Minster supports the Bible Society, through the giving of members of the congregation.
The Bible Society exists to make Scriptures available where there are none and works to help the Church engage with the Bible more effectively.
The work and history of the Bible Society is set out in its website at www.biblesociety.org.uk

The Leprosy Mission
There are still over 500,000 new cases of leprosy diagnosed per year. The challenges of treating and rehabilitating those affected by leprosy, while breaking down the stigma of the disease, remain.  Find out more about the work of TLM on its website www.leprosymission.org

Church Pastoral Aid Society
The Church Pastoral Aid Society, works throughout Great Britain and Ireland. At CPAS the aim is to inspire and enable Anglican churches to reach everyone in their communities with the good news of Jesus Christ.
For more information and resources see their website: www.cpas.org.uk

Church Army
Church Army is about communicating the unchanging message of an unchanging God to a fast-changing culture. Our evangelists continue to reach out and make church effective by meeting people where they are, and by creating fresh and relevant expressions of Christian community.

Fiona and Philip Richardson
Beverley Minster entered into a mission partnership with Crosslinks in order to support local couple Philip and Fiona Richardson.  We now support Fiona and Philip direct.  Fiona is involved in producing culturally appropriate resources for Sunday schools and young people’s church groups in Africa.

Betel Children’s Home
Fazenda Betel is situated in the municipality of Cocalzinho in the state of Goias, Brazil and is 120km from the capital city, Brazilia.  Today there are 150 children aged 4 to 18 living in Betel in 5 separate houses, looked after by house parents. There are also other small living quarters where older children look after themselves. It costs about £120,000 per annum to run Betel, all funds coming from voluntary donations.

Christ for All in Andrha Pradesh
Azariah, who was well-known to Beverley Minster and visited on a number of occasions, started his work in South India back in 1953 with ministries of prayer, preaching, caring for the poor and destitute, baptisms and primary health care. Christ for All became a registered charity in 1984, and the work continues to grow.
The Minster marked the sad news of Azariah’s accidental death in 2010 with the offering of a scholarship in his memory, to ensure his remarkable work continues to grow.

Jacob’s Well
Jacob’s Well is a charity based in Beverley which aims to promote Christianity and provide practical aid in the form medical relief and educational supplies to those in need and to help the poor in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa

Beverley Schools Christian Trust (BSCT) provides a variety of support services to young people in schools across Beverley.  Working in partnership with local schools and colleges to develop a range of resources and activities to best meet the needs of young people.   The aim of BSCT is to offer students opportunities to explore the Christian faith in a personally relevant way, and to provide links to churches and youth clubs where they can find out more.

Homeless and Rootless in Hull
HULLHARP has been providing support to homeless individuals since 1982
The HULLHARP has grown considerably over the years, delivering homeless services from in Hull and in the East Riding and Scarborough areas.  Despite the organisation’s growth HULLHARP has kept it’s inclusive approach to support what was originally adopted, and has made a  recent transition to become a Centre for Restorative Practice.