Minster staff


We are pleased to announce that the Revd Canon Jonathan William Baker, Acting Dean of Peterborough Cathedral, has been appointed Vicar of Beverley Minster and Priest in Charge of Routh. Canon Baker will be Instituted and Licensed by the Bishop of Hull at 18.00 on Saturday 9 December in Beverley Minster.  More>

 Revd Gareth Atha

Gareth started as Assistant Curate in June 2014 after training for ministry at Wescott House. Before ordination training he studied Ecology in Leeds and Theology in York, and worked in customer services for various financial and insurance companies. He is married to Rachael, a teacher in the area. Both enjoy ballroom dancing, and Rachael tolerates Gareth’s love of bird watching.

Robert Poyser

Staff Robert

Robert Poyser was appointed Director of Music in 2009 and enjoys the many opportunities for music that the Minster’s diverse liturgical styles offer. Robert combines his role at the Minster with a busy programme of teaching, accompanying and recitals whilst enjoying cooking, most things railway related and following Gloucestershire’s cricket team.

Robyn Cleveland

Staff Robyn

Robyn Cleveland undertook the role of Head Virger in May 2016 after two and a half years as a Virger at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Prior to that she was the Personal Assistant to the Executive Chairman of Church Urban Fund, the Church of England’s Poverty Charity, which is based at Church House, Westminster. Robyn’s pastoral experience began when she was Resident Matron at two boarding schools, Wycombe Abbey School in High Wycombe, and Junior Kings School in Canterbury. She is pleased to be continuing her ministry in Beverley. She has a grown daughter, of whom she is very proud, and her favourite hobby is “mudlarking” for archeology on the banks of the River Thames.

George Oakes

Staff GeorgeGeorge Oakes was appointed Assisstant Virger in July 2016. Previously working as an intern at Halifax Minster and as a member of the Yr4God team at The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, he feels called to ministry within the Church of England and enjoys the work of a Virger. He loves spending his spare time with family and friends and creating memories with those closest to him but most of all he enjoys kicking back, relaxing and having a good laugh.

Ben Merrell


Ben has been working with the children and young people at Beverley Minster since summer 2014. Before that he spent time working in a wide variety of jobs after graduating with a degree in civil engineering from Swansea University. It was while at uni that Ben realised that he was going to spend his life working for the church. Ben is married to Sarah who is a veterinary surgeon in Hull, and they have taken the growth of youth at the Minster very seriously, with their daughter Isla being born in June 2015. When he’s not at work Ben enjoys cricket, movies and walking up mountains.